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Who we are

We are a company that in the business world constantly changed by new technologies, offers its clients a new formula of professional services. This formula is, first and foremost, responding to the business environment in which the only certain thing is change. Hence our decision to serve our experience in the field of business use of the so-called disruptive technologies, i.e. RPA, blockchain or machine learning. We also provide consulting services in the areas of business, law or tax in a situation when it is necessary to combine these competences with IT. We are also not afraid of challenge in the form of running complex IT projects. Digital transformation, tax technology, legaltech, regtech are areas that are our professional passion.

What we do

The scope of our activities and ambitions is the result of the experience gathered over a dozen years of active advising of the largest enterprises from many industries and reflections on the needs of today’s business in today’s IT-oriented world. As a result of these thoughts, we provide a truly holistic approach to competences, real responsibility and the ability to quickly adapt to the changing conditions of doing business. We never stop learning and always use every acquired knowledge to achieve real value.

Our services

Advisory in the field of disruptive technologies
IT projects emergency
Business, tax, legal and accounting advisory
Project / team management and digital transformation
Data analytics
Automation of business processes
Designing IT systems
Blockchain / ICO / smart contracts

Our clients


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