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Business process automation is what we do.

Our solutions are present whenever technology needs to meet business needs. We support robotization and automation of back-office, taxes and law-related processes, as well as design RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions. We also provide consulting services whenever it is necessary to combine these areas with IT needs.

IT Consulting

The role of IT in business has changed considerably in recent years. Modern IT departments do not only support internal processes in the company but have also become full-fledged partners in the implementation of business projects and digital transformation processes within the company. IT consulting is a wide and constantly changing area, covering issues such as:

IT consulting services

IT outsourcing services

Support in designing and implementing software (including ERP)

Support in designing and implementing software (including ERP)


Digital transformation

The process of digital transformation in a company means not only the use of new tools, but often requires a change in the company’s business model. This means that digital transformation is a complex process at the crossroads of many departments and functions in the company. This requires not only focusing on the digital aspects of change, but also a broad view of process management within the organization.

Project Managment Office

Agile project management in the organization

Industry 4.0

Tax Tech

The potential of using technology in taxes is noticed by both businesses and the legislator. This has resulted in an expanding scope of tax data reporting by means of electronic communication. It is reflected, for example, in obligations related to JPK (Uniform Control File), “White List” of VAT taxpayers or electronic financial statements (E-SF)i.

List of VAT taxpayers – “White List”

Creating JPK_V7

JPK_V7 test

Electronic Financial Statements (E-SF)

Payment Gridlocks

Sugar Tax

About IT9

In the modern world the only constant thing in business is change. Words spoken thousands of years ago still remain relevant. Today, the fuel driving change is technology. It has dynamically (but often unnoticed) entered the business world, changing both internal processes and the we communicate with clients. The clients themselves have changed as well, as they expect solutions that are simpler, faster and more effective than before. We are a company that offers a new approach to consulting services in a technology-based world. READ MORE

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