Case studies

Debt collection process management

Debt collection is usually associated with multiple payment requests, particularly in the utilities industry. Often, debt collection is a regular issue for many companies, becoming a long, stretched process and its automation is possible at many stages- enabling businesses to devote resources to other processes.

Sales reports robotics consolidation

Sales reports prepared by the manager were his monthly obligation. His main job was to filter multiple fields by multiple values, multiple times, using many different files. It is easy to guess that this generated many mistakes. The current consolidation solutions were not feasible due to the specific data structure. The robotization of the process came to aid, thanks to which the
consolidation prepared in several hours could be performed in several dozen minutes. Importantly, the manager’s valuable time has been freed to perform other tasks.

Robotized employee data update during night hours

In HR and payroll settlements, it is very important that the data on employees and events concerning them are updated on an ongoing basis. With the growth of the organization, or with the peak hiring period, HR and payroll employees face a significant workload. The solution is to robotize the process. The robot will not only perform the task for the employees, but also do it at night, so as not to block the system during business hours.

Financial reporting robotization in the controlling department

Preparing financial reports is often a recurring task to which financial controllers must return not only on a monthly, but sometimes even daily basis. In a situation where data is in many places and in many systems, it is difficult to prepare a report with “one click” through the built-in functionality of the program. The robotization of the process comes to the rescue, consolidating the data and preparing a report several times a day, eliminating the risk of mistakes.

Recommendations of robotic tools in the process of correspondence registration

Law firm correspondence is not just an OCR of envelope and registering the sender and receiver. During correspondence analysis you have to determine the correct case or proceeding and archive the document properly with document description in the file name. There can also be a situation that you don’t recognize the case because of new higher instance proceedings and you should add the case to the law firm’s case register. All these steps can be covered by an intelligent robot armed with special legal algorithms.