IT Consulting

The role of IT in business has changed considerably in recent years. IT no longer simply supports internal processes in the company, but has also become a full-fledged implementation partner in business projects and digital transformation processes. Meeting the needs of the business, we can provide support for internal IT departments as an external advisor or provide consulting services. IT consulting is a wide and constantly changing area, covering issues such as:

  • IT consulting services
  • IT outsourcing services
  • support in designing and implementing software (including ERP)
  • Business Process Automation Strategy (RPA)
  • Cybersecurity

IT Outsourcing

Maintaining internal IT departments entails the necessity to incur high HR and infrastructure costs. The challenge is also to constantly improve the qualifications of employees in the fast-changing IT world. IT outsourcing allows not only to reduce expenses incurred on internal departments, but also to provide support form external specialists who are often experts in the selected IT field or technology.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is the automation of repetitive business processes, using appropriate software that performs repetitive activities in the same way as employees. This allows not only to relieve employees from performing repetitive tasks, but also to eliminate errors. Our robots are based on the UiPath technology. The most popular areas of automation are back-office processes in administration: accounting, debt collection or invoicing.

In the ‘Download’ section you can find presentations of our automation and process optimization implementations that bring significant benefits and savings for our customers.


Consulting in IT projects (ERP)

We support and advise in all phases if ERP systems implementation. We also offer design and implementation of solutions tailored to individual business needs. Our experienced team provides support both at the stage of formulation system requirements, selecting a system supplier (or defining requirements for an individually designed system) and negotiating implementation and license agreements. At later stages, we supervise the implementation process and provide training on the use of the system for client’s employees.


Companies are exposed to cybersecurity attacks regardless of the industry in which they operate. An attack on the company’s website or key application most often involves significant financial losses. We approach cybersecurity as a whole, providing technical and training support. We perform stress tests as well as configuration inspections. At the same time, we train teams of analysts, developers and architects how to detect potential threats and prevent them from happening in the future.

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